Saturday, December 10, 2011

And we're back...

I haven't posted on this blog for the past two years.

I didn't lose interest in gaming or philosophy, but I did join the navy. As you might be able to imagine, I've had little free time over the past two years. Between bootcamp, "A" school, and being sent to a ship that had just entered a deployment as part of Operation: Enduring Freedom, I didn't have free time to post here.

I did, on some occasions, have time to play many wonderful games with shipmates, friends, and family. And I continue to do so. Currently, I also have more free time than I've had in the past two years, and so I've decided to come back to this blog to talk about games I'm currently playing as well as thoughts I've had on gaming generally in the past few years.

Anyway, in the near future you should start seeing a post or two a week on various gaming topics. Please post your own thoughts in the comments section. As before, I love to have discussions on games, philosophy, and especially the two together. 


Chris Tregenza said...

Welcome back!

If you are looking for a game to write about, you may be interested in the recently 6d6 RPG. It has a very different approach and philosophy from many games.

Drop me and email and I will send you the PDFs. [Chris at 6d6 fireball dot com]

Jack said...

Thank you!

And I'd love to take a look at 6d6. I checked out your site, and I love simple games that promote creativity in games. I'll send you an e-mail.