Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm downloading Openrpg as I type this. I'm told it does what DnD Insider's thing will do, but it doesn't cost anything. 

We'll see. 

Mostly the fact that they made it mac compliant and DnD Insider isn't made me want to try it. And it's free. That too. 

For games like DnD I'm not opposed to maps and miniatures for fights - it helps in games where tactics actually matters - Personally I just don't like the idea of buying all that shit. Having virtual components is much more appealing to me. 


Vampir said...

OpenRPG is a really nice program.

I never used it for tactical games so I can't comment on how well it deals with maps but for the World of Darkness games I played with it, it was a great chat program.

Ishmayl said...

It's a very nice program - when I first started using it several years ago, it was ridiculously buggy, and most of the features would glitch and crash, but they've recently started working on the project again, and it's very nice nowadays - I hope to hear your review of it once you've tried it out a bit.

Questing GM said...

I haven't played this one yet. I used to play over at webRPG with a dial-up connection!

Now I think I should reconsider playing games online....

Jack Phillips said...

It's good to hear someone else say Openrpg is good. I mostly play WoD games, so it's also nice to hear another WoD finds it useful.

I probably won't run anything with it in the near future, but I'll play around with it and write an update soon.