Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Games I'd Like To Play

Dungeons and Dragons 4e: At first I dismissed this because of some negative reviews I read, but then some friends convinced me I was being far too hasty, and that a lot of the negative complaints (it's like an MMO) actually streamline the game very well. Also, I've never been deeply involved in a DnD game. I feel like someone who's only had blowjobs but never penial-vaginal sex (I almost called this real sex, but then I remembered my sex,values, and human nature teacher would scoff at this judgement). That got entirely away from the point - 4e looks simple - in a good way that's inviting for new DnD players such as myself, and fun. 

Spirit of the Century: I purchased this awhile back, went through character creation - fun in of itself - but haven't run or played it yet. I'm hoping to highjack the Hunter game I'm in now in a few weeks and run a session or two of SotC. The Fate system underlying it is easy, aspects is the most interesting game mechanic I've run across, and it just looks so damn fun it's ridiculous. 

Monte Cook's World of Darkness: After I realized I was making a lot of harsh judgments against 4e without really playing it, I realized I did the same with McWoD. It's not the WoD I'm used to, but it could still prove to be a good game. Anyone play it? Thoughts? 

Roanoke: Another game I've purchased but not played. I'll probably only get a one shot out of it, but the setting is ripe for good horror. 

Nobilis: Another how-the-fuck-have-I-owned-this-and-not-played-it!? game. You are the representation of some abstract concept: Fear, unrequited love, conspiracy, and you stand for and against others like you and those things that wish to unmake you. 

Burning Wheel: The chaotic and dirty combat system looks unique. Also, after playing mostly in contemporary WoD settings, I'd really like to try more past/fantasy settings. 

Dogs in the Vineyard: Mostly want to play it because of its reputation.

And there's at least twenty more books to throw on this list... but I'm feeling lazy. 


Typhinius said...

While I know nothing of the system, I'd like to try out the Amber system, mostly because it is a setting I adore.

I know it makes me a little bit of a White Wolf fanboy, but I'd like to check out Scion sometime.

Also, Savage Worlds ( that I read about over in Stargazers blog ( looked pretty interesting. Not because of a setting hook, but because it looks so versatile.

szilard said...

I'm currently obsessing over Spirit of the Century, despite having not yet played it.

I am, however, currently playing in a Nobilis game. It is a blast. You can play a representation of a very concrete concept in addition to the abstract ones. I'm playing the power of Masks, which is somewhere in between...

Vampir said...

Dungeons and Dragons 4e -> I want to play it since I've never played DnD before and a new edition is always good to get into.

Spirit of the Century -> The whole pulp setting doesn't capture me, I'll wait for Dresden Files to come out to check out the Fate System

Monte Cook's World of Darkness -> Different, yet seems similar, I had my reservations but I'll probably pick it up some time around

Roanoke -> Never heard of it

Nobilis -> Christian A (once known as Wyrm) told me I should try it but for now, the price is saying otherwise

Burning Wheel -> I heard good things about it, but still not enough to get me to consider it

Dogs in the Vineyard -> A friend told me I'll like it, well, my friends tend to know me well

and there's another 19 games on my list

Marc S. said...

D&D4e is nice and it does make the game go more smoothly. That being said, right now with only a few books out, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to character creation and individuality. there are very few customization options. so basically if ten people all want to make a wizard, more than likely all of those wizards will have all the same skills and powers. It isn't like 3.5e where there were hundreds of different combos you could design your wizard around.